Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask

A new benchmark for at-home peeling, replicating the benefits usually associated with micro-needling or high activity chemical peels, but without the associated downtime.

Glycolic Acid speeds up the skin’s natural cell renewal process, enhancing luminosity and clarity, while also stimulating collagen production, boosting hydration and softening pigmentation. Lactic Acid further promotes the elimination of these dead skin cells, and together with Ferulic Acid, aids in reducing hyperpigmentation of the skin, evening out your skin tone.

Extract from the Tasmanian Pepper Fruit helps to reduce inflammation, tingling and skin redness so that skin is effectively treated without the downtime usually associated with chemical peels.

Weekly applications of the mask lift away tired, dead cells, clears away sebum and pollutants from pores, invigorates collagen production, and moisturizes the skin, leaving you with a firmer, visibly more even complexion and more youthful cell turnover.